cometo的用法 cometo的用法解析

1、come to 后接名词、数词、代词或不接任何词

(1)谈到, 涉及到: When it comes to physics, he is a complete stranger. 谈到物理, 他完全是个外行. The school has very good teachers, but when it comes to buildings, the school is poor. 这个学校有好老师, 但是从校舍来看很贫穷。

(2)表示“合计,总共”,同 amount to. —How much does the bill come to? 帐单上共多少钱?

(3)发生(在某人身上), 降临于(某人): Happiness will come to you as long as you are after it. 只要追寻它, 幸福会降临于你。

2、come to 用于固定词组中, 达到短语中名词所表明的情况

(1)come to light 被发现, 被大家知道 New facts about ancient Egypt have recently come to light. 关于古代埃及的新事实最近被发现。

(2)come to oneself 恢复知觉, 恢复正常。